Year R - Bumblebees Class

Welcome to Bumblebees Class!

This is an exciting new time for both you and your child. Challenges and surprises will be awaiting us all as we start this learning journey together.

The environment that we provide is there to stimulate and engage your child in various innovative learning experiences and in developing new skills. This will enable your child to become confident, independent learners who will be supported in reaching their full potential.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage curriculum is aimed at supporting your child with their learning throughout their reception year and follows on from the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile document that is used all the way through their time in nursery. We have a fun filled schedule that incorporates all the areas of learning and more.

We extend our learning experiences by undertaking the following:

  • Weekly use of the ICT suite, where your child get to use their own computer
  • Creative experiences both inside and outside the classroom
  • Learning about the world around us
  • Dance and Drama
  • PE where we use small and large apparatus
  • Outside play

Planning Time

The children’s favourite time of the day is when we do ‘planning’. The children sit in small groups with an adult and they are asked “What new learning are you going to do today?” They say, for instance "Make a bus!". They then have to do that, show an adult and explain what they have done.  Their proficiency develops more over time as they extend their writing skills and experiences. This activity gives the children the opportunity to create and develop skills that enables them to think for themselves, make mistakes, amaze themselves but also work out how things work and what is the best way to improve and widen their own learning.


We extend our learning experiences in Maths by undertaking the following:

  • Whole group and small group maths sessions, that include number games and rhymes, practical games, counting and sorting, shape, space and measure


We extend our learning experiences in Literacy by undertaking the following:

  • Whole group and small group literacy sessions that includes stories, puppet shows, role play and songs

  • Phonics - This is when we learn how to recognise sounds and letters through picture cards and interactive games, which then enables us to read and write

  • Reading individually and in guided reading sessions