Welcome to Year 1!


This is the year when the children really start to understand how to enjoy learning, and begin to reap the benefits of all their hard work in Year 1!


The children work hard on their daily phonics lessons, and they learn how to apply their skills to their independent writing. They are taught to use basic punctuation, learn common spelling patterns, and they practise refining their handwriting script.


The children learn to add and subtract using a variety of methods. They are taught to solve problems involving numbers, measures and shapes.


The children learn about animals including humans, plants, every day materials, and investigate seasonal change.

The Curriculum

The children work on a different topic each term. Each of the six topics focuses on different subjects, as follows:

Autumn Term

Term One

Why do we play with different toys as we get older?: A science and history based topic, involving learning about the five senses, our bodies, health, and toys from the past. 

Term Two

Bonjeur, I am new here.: A geography topic about our village.

Spring Term

Term Three

Traditional Tales From Around The World: Science and D/T based, involving puppet making and investigating light and shadows.

Term Four

Starry Night: An arts based topic based around a Van Gogh painting.

Summer Term

Term Five

Where shall we go for a great day out?: History based, learning about London today and in the past, the lives of children in Victorian times, Victorian inventions, and famous people of this era.

Term Six

Waterworld: A science topic which includes investigating the needs of plants, looking at seeds, pond life, life-cycles, the sea, and water in the home and environment.

The topics each have a core skills focus.  So... a busy time ahead, but fun and rewarding.