Welcome to Year 2!


We have very high expectations, but this does not compromise our fun, creative approach to the curriculum. We believe that the children learn best through a creative approach to the curriculum and to have the opportunity to lead their own learning.


Children are encouraged to write for a range of reasons. For example, they will be learning to write instructions, reports and stories. Children should be encouraged to spell common words correctly and to phonetically sound out others.

By now, all children should be able to form their letters correctly so that they can learn how to join their writing.

The children should be able to write in sentences starting with capital letters and ending with full stops. They will also be introduced to and start to use other punctuation.

The content of what the children write is important. The children need to write interesting sentences with interesting vocabulary, e.g. instead of ‘The man went home’, ‘The old man with the grey beard hobbled home’.


In class we cover a range of skills encouraging children to develop, extend and apply their mathematics skills to become confident mathematicians. Children learn methods for adding and subtracting 2 digits numbers, such as number lines and partitioning. Children will also be developing their understanding of multiplication and division. By the end of Year Two, your child should be confident in recalling the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

The Curriculum

Throughout Year Two we will cover six topics focusing on different curriculum areas. Regular visits and trips will run throughout the year to engage and make the learning real for the children.

Autumn Term

Term One

Party Planners (Science based): In this topic, children will become ‘Party Planners’ and plan a party for the end of the term. Children will investigate materials which could be used for the party and experiment with what would be the most suitable. We will also look at keeping healthy and eating a balanced diet.

Term Two

The Castle (History based): During this topic, children will develop their understanding of the past and begin to compare it with the present day. Children will investigate what life was like in a castle and how people defended and attack castles.

Spring Term

Term Three

Mrs Armitage’s Vehicle (Design Technology based): Based on the story ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ by Quentin Blake, children will be challenged to design a new moving vehicle for Mrs Armitage. They will investigate the best materials to use and create a prototype for the moving vehicle. Throughout the topic, they will evaluate and change their designs giving reasons for changes.

Term Four

The Owl and the Pussycat (Art, Music and drama based): Based on the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear, children will develop their artistic skills by sketching, painting and discovering different media. Children will create their own portraits and begin to add texture to them.

Autumn Term

Term Five

Creatures Great and Small (Science based): Children will develop their scientific knowledge of living and non-living things. They will begin to sort and classify items and give reasoning. Throughout the topic, children will be learning about the lifecycle of a range of creatures and identifying the habitat these creatures live in.

Term Six

The Seaside (Geography based): Children will develop their geographic skills in this topic by learning about the leisure and tourism industry. After a visit to the seaside, children will learn about the different businesses by the seaside, learn about blue flag beaches and why people visit the seaside. We will also be looking at holidays in England and abroad and begin to compare the two.