Welcome to Year 3!


In Year 3 we continue to build on the learning that children achieved in Key Stage 1. Each child will develop their independence as they get used to being part of Key Stage 2. We maintain our high expectations of each child in order to encourage them to fulfil their potential.


We will continue to develop mental and written Maths skills, and will progress to more complex problem solving, including working with fractions. Times tables are an important part of our Maths curriculum, and each child will work on knowing their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables by heart. Learning these thoroughly will have an incredible benefit to the children across many areas of Maths.


We will read a range of different text types including both fiction and non-fiction. We will be working particularly hard at developing our inference skills, so that we can ‘read between the lines’. We will have reading time each day, but really value each child reading at home as well. Please listen to your child read as often as you can and write a comment in their reading record. Our writing will include persuasive texts, letters, descriptions, instructions and stories. In our English lessons we follow the ‘Talk for Writing’ method, which involves learning a text orally and being able to perform it using actions. This helps children to familiarise themselves with the structure of different text types and in turn to use this in their own writing.


Our first Science topic in Year 3 is about animals and their nutrition. We will be learning about why animals (including humans) need food and why different kinds of food are important. We will also look at the skeleton and its functions.

Our Science throughout the year will also cover:

Plants – identifying different parts of a plant and learning about their lifecycle.

Rocks and fossils –  different types, how they are formed.

Light, shadows and reflection.

Forces, including magnetism.

Other areas of the Curriculum

We will have a range of learning experiences in Year 3, which will enable us to incorporate all the foundation subjects of the curriculum in a practical way. We will provide opportunities for the children to direct their own learning by extending different topics according to what they want to find out more about. As in every year group, we will have various occasions when parents and carers are invited in to school for children to share what we have been learning about.

In Year 3 we have PE twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school each week.

We will also have weekly French lessons, so as the year progresses, please ask your child what they can say in French! 

Home Learning

Each term a home learning grid will be sent home with the children. This will contain a variety of different home learning activities from which children should choose at least 3. They are all tasks which children should be able to complete independently, but please support your child by asking them to share with you what they have chosen. The home learning activities should be brought into school by the end of each term.