Welcome to Year 4!


Year Four is the second year of Key Stage Two.  We have high expectations for our learning and your child will continue to build upon the skills they have already learned in their transition into Key Stage Two.

We provide a routine of engaging cross curricular English and maths activities in the morning and continue with our topic learning, Computing, RE and French in the afternoons.  We lead the Easter production which is supported by Year 4 and enjoy presenting this to the rest of the school, parents and grandparents.


Your child will be encouraged to write for a range of purposes through the genres of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.  We focus upon the spelling of words with suffixes and prefixes, homophones and a words with variety letter strings.  Guided reading is a part of our daily routine where the children are learning to be active readers enhancing their comprehension skills.


Throughout the year, the children will be building on their recall from 1 to 12 times tables.  We shall also be continuing to use mental methods and focus on learning to use efficient written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Throughout each week we will develop our ability to solve a range of problems, including with simple fractions and decimal place value.


In addition to our topic learning we shall focus on  the sciences of sound, electricity, states of matter, animals including us and living things and their habitats.


We follow the Rising Stars Program ‘Switched On’ where we will be involved in developing simple educational games; designing an interactive toy; producing digital music; editing and writing an HTML; producing a wiki and presenting the weather using a variety of programmes and skills.

The Curriculum

Throughout Year Four we will cover six topics focusing on different curriculum areas, which, where possible will be woven through English and maths lessons.  Regular visits and trips will run throughout the year to engage and make the learning fun and real for the children.

Autumn Term

Term One:

Audio Visual – ‘How Do I See? How Do I Hear?’: This is a science based topic where we will be investigating materials, discovering how we see things, learning about reflection, using mirrors, learning about sound and vibrations, discovering how sound travels and learning about pitch and volume. 

Term Two:

‘Why Do We Speak The Way We Do?’ - The Vikings: This is a history based topic where we will be investigating how our English language came to be; examining clues from archaeology about the past, why the Vikings came and what everyday life was like. Through this topic we will use geographical skills to see where in the world the Vikings went.  We will look at and use some of the key features of Viking art.

Spring Term

Term Three:

Chocolate – ‘Should We Stop Eating Chocolate’: This is a science and design technology based topic where we will be investigating changes in materials, and changing states of materials.   We will also be conducting market research and be involved in designing and producing a chocolate product.  Art is a key part of the design process.  Through history and geography we will find where chocolate comes from and learning the story of chocolate.

Term Four:

From a Railway Carriage:  This is an arts based topic where we will be using a poem as a starting point.  We will be investigating and developing movement in our painting skills, thinking about paintings by artists past and present day.  Look at trains from days gone by to modern trains, and design our own. Through music and dance we shall explore rhythm.  We shall also be preparing for and presenting the Easter play!

Summer Term

Term Five: 

This is a science based topic where we will be learning how our bodies work, in particular our digestive system.  As part of this we will learn how to look after our bodies through eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise, also the importance of looking after our teeth.  Throughout the topic the children will devise and run a fitness programme as a science investigation.

Term Six:

European Regional Study:  Our final topic involves the following of a river from its source to mouth flowing through the capital city of our chosen country which this year is Italy.  We shall give overviews of mountains, hills and the watercycle at the source, travel through landscapes pausing to look at farming and industry until you arrive at the capital city before moving to the coast.