Welcome to Year 5!


Year Five is the third year of Key Stage Two. In Harriers Class, children are going to be challenged to take a more independent role in their learning, for example, working independently to find methods of solving problems and new ways to improve their work. Homework is set weekly and is a good way for the children to talk to you about what we will be learning in class. Please feel free to come and see me to discuss any worries you have about homework.

We’re really looking forward to an exciting year!


We encourage your child to read on a regular basis (20 minutes a night).  To support and help your child reach their reading target, please get them to talk about their books, empathise with characters and predict events within the story.  Also, encourage them to widen their reading horizons by selecting books from different genres. All of the children will read with me once a week during guided reading sessions and I will also try to listen to them individually as regularly as possible but your help is also very important.

We will be encouraging the children to write longer pieces and encourage them to use age appropriate words. Helping your children think of different words really helps; said could be replaced with shouted, stuttered, whispered, murmured.


We will be working to master lots of new and exciting maths this year but everything that we do is underpinned by your child’s knowledge of their times tables. To help support your child, please spend time reinforcing the importance of times tables (Use Woodlands Junior School website, play games with dice or playing cards). The children will be completing more difficult calculations and it’s really important for them to know how to use column addition and subtraction effectively in order to help them complete challenges set to them.  Again, the Woodlands maths website has many activities the children can complete to help them practice.

The Curriculum

We firmly believe that the children should learn through a balanced, interesting and engaging curriculum. Our topics throughout year 5 are as follows:                        

Autumn Term

Term One

Mysterious Materials: This is a Science based unit which focuses on properties of materials, dissolving and separating insolubles. The children will take part in experiments and look at evaporation and recovering sugar from a solution as well as make ice cream from scratch!

Term Two

Castles: A predominantly History based topic in which the children learn about how the Norman Conquest and World War I were pivotal moments in our history. They’ll also look closely at how castles were built throughout the years and apply their knowledge of forces to create a catapult.

Spring Term

Term Three

The Fairground: This topic is extremely hands on and gets the children following through their ideas into a final product they can be proud of. They will be designing a fairground ride and making a shaky hand tester, evaluating the products they make. The children will also be looking at electrical circuits and recording circuit diagrams.

Term Four

Do we make the most of what’s on our doorstep?: This is a Geography based unit in which the children are working in groups to explore their surroundings and design a new building to fit within the village. They’ll also look in detail at life cycles of plants and plant reproduction.

Summer Term

Term Five

Who are we and why do we live here?: Following on from the previous topic, the students will use maps to find out more about their local area, investigate their family history, links with the village and the rest of the world! They will also learn about the make-up of the Earth and what’s out there in space.

Term Six

The Highwayman: This unit is based upon a famous poem by Alfred Noyes. The children will be looking in detail at the poem and finding out the meanings of the older language used. The children will have the opportunity to complete art based creations from the poem.