Welcome to Year 6!


“This is your child's final year at Aylesham Primary School, so it’s important to make it count!”

We will commit to our school values: Teamwork, Creativity, Resilience and Flying High – our values will help you to become the best person you can be both in school and in your wider lives.  Furthermore we will be mindful of our British Values … here are some of the ways we will endorse them: Rule of Law – class code of conduct; Democracy – input to our learning and curriculum; Individual liberty – you are encouraged to choose how you present your learning; Respect -  treat each other and all belongings with and courtesy and respect; Tolerance of those with different faiths and those without faith – we will observe faith and be tolerant of each other and our rights to believe or not in which ever faith of our choosing.

You will be encouraged to use a range of thinking tools to help you shape and fine-tune your ideas and will be given opportunities to present work in different ways – but always to the highest possible standard – I expect you to take a pride in your work and for your books to be a joy for yourself and others to open and look at. It is up to you to make sure you pay attention to the detail.

This year, I will commit to creating engaging topics with your input; marking your work carefully, giving you quality feedback to help you take your learning forward; I will run an after school club to support some of your learning and I will always be happy to answer your questions and, if you feel stuck, I will try to help you get unstuck!

You need to commit to giving your best in all that you do, reading regularly, keeping on top of homework tasks and treating everyone in our class – ‘The Falconry’ – with care and kindness – treat each other as you would like to be treated, and treat the classroom and all possessions with respect.


You will be encouraged to write for a range of purposes through the genres of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.  We focus upon the spelling of words with suffixes and prefixes, homophones and words with variety letter strings.  Reading is a part of our daily routine where you are learning to be active readers enhancing your inference and comprehension skills.


Throughout the year, we will recall from 1 to 12 times tables and all inverses; these are key to our maths learning this year.  We shall continue using mental methods and focus on learning to use efficient written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; knowing when to use them.  Throughout each week we will develop our ability to solve a range of problems and express our reasoning in a variety of ways.


In addition to our topic learning we shall focus on the sciences of light, animals including humans, evolution and inheritance, living things and their habitats and electricity.


We follow the Rising Stars Program ‘Switched On’ where we will be involved in developing a simple educational game.  Furthermore, we shall use technology to help us research and inform our learning and debates.

The Curriculum

Throughout Year Six we will cover topics focusing on different curriculum areas, which, where possible will be woven through English and maths lessons. 

Autumn Term

‘Out of This World’

We will be engaged in this science based topic to further our understanding of our position in the solar system and will appreciate how we have night and day and the seasons. 

Through this topic, we will be using an investigative approach to find answers to the things we want to know about space.

Furthermore we will be able to reason as to whether we think there is life other than our own in space.

‘War and Remembrance’

In this second half of term we remember those who have given their lives willingly to keep our British way of life secure and the fight for freedom and justice for those who are oppressed.

We discuss the reasons for and against war as part of our PSE and incorporate our British Values of:

The Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty and the Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and those without faith.

For Falcon Class it is an opportunity to share our British Values with the wider community.

Spring Term

‘Is It Really a Problem?’

A problem is something you do not immediately know how to solve!  It is a useful way to use the life skills of communication and cooperation; comprehension and mathematical application.  It focusses on the need to take risks; the need to test out ideas, to make conclusions and reason offering the opportunity for reflection and evaluation. Over time we will be able to step into problems independently and confidently!

Summer Term

‘Read All About It!’

As part of the celebrations of the new school build, we shall be burying a time capsule in the school grounds for future generations to discover.

Falcon Class will be contributing a newspaper with news reports from around the world.

As part of this we shall be learning about the general election.

Elections are part of a democratic society of which Britain is one.  We have this exciting opportunity to explore our British Values through the snap election as called by Theresa May our Prime Minister on the 8th June 2017

We will learn what it means to vote; how the vote came to be part of our culture and why it is important for us to exercise our right to vote.