Welcome to Year R!

Where learning is fun!

This is an exciting new time for both you and your child. Challenges and surprises will be awaiting us all as we start this learning journey together.

The environment that we provide is there to stimulate and engage your child in various innovative learning experiences and in developing new skills.

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The children will have learning experiences throughout each day that are Teacher led, which enables the children to learn and develop new skills, that they can then extend and explore during their child-initiated time. These activities give the children the opportunity to create and develop skills that enable them to think for themselves, make mistakes, amaze themselves but also investigate how things work and what is the best way to improve and widen their own learning. Their proficiency develops over time as they extend their writing skills and experiences.

The school has 4 core values that are linked into every part of your child’s day.

They are symbolised by the following animals and the children are rewarded every time they are recognised for achieving one or more of them, with stickers and certificates.

Flying high


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Team work


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