Aylesham Primary School

Building Site Dangers Warning

2 August 2017

Our Site Manager is still working at the school and has reported that young children are going into the school grounds and climbing on to the buildings and ripping off guttering etc.  They are also accessing the garden of the Sunshine Corner Nursery (which is still open daily) and removing their equipment and resources.

With new hoarding currently going up around the old buildings the school site is a dangerous place to be at the moment for kids. Coupled with the obvious H&S issues surrounding old buildings we have serious concerns that someone is going to get hurt if it continues.

The old school buildings will shortly become part of Phase 2 of our project - basically a demolition site and are dangerous.


The school accepts no responsibility if anyone is injured whilst trespassing on the site.


We ask the villagers to PLEASE keep their children away from the school grounds and its buildings.

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