Aylesham Primary School

The School Building Project

On 24th May 2012 Aylesham Primary School received confirmation from the DfE that it was one of 261 schools that would have their condition needs met through the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP).

It is our intention to keep everyone updated on progress as much as possible but the project is currently still on schedule. 

  • Work on preparing the school site commenced in mid-December 2016
  • The steel structure for the new school hall commenced installation from 20th February 2017
  • The modular building itself was transported to Kent from York in early March 2017 and was installed within a week
  • The school expects to move into the new building at the end of August 2017 and will be open to children from September 2017.



Progress Report Pictures
In early October we received the first pictures of our new building on-site at Portakabin in York Click here
In mid-November, Our School Business Manager, visited Portakabin in York and had a tour of our new building Click here
In mid-December, the early stages of our building project commenced and we received more updates on the progress of the building in January 2017 Click here
At the end of January the PSBP Site Manager took pictures of the school site using a mobile drone Click here
Progress Report - February Click here
The steel structure for the new school hall goes up W/C 20/02/17 and more work completed in York Click here
The building modules will be arriving on-site W/C 06/03/17 - the entire building will be erected by 11/03/17! Here is the start f the delivery of the modules 07/03/17 Click here
Building Progress Pictures - 08/03/17 Click here
Building Progress Pictures - 29/03/17 Click here
Building Progress Pictures - 03/05/17 Click here
Building Progress Pictures - 17/05/17 Click here
External Building Progress Pictures - 23/05/17 Click here
Building Progress Pictures - 06/06/17 Click Here
Building Progress Pictures - 04/07/17 Click Here
WE MOVED IN! - September 2017 Click Here
The Old Buildings are demolished - Junior Building First - January 2018