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Butler Class - Year 4

Term 2 Overview

During term 2 pupils will be learning:




Pupils will learn; ​

What area is​

Compare areas of simple shapes​

Calculate area of shapes with squares​


Multiplication and Division​

Pupils will explore;​

Multiples of 3​

X and ÷ by 6​

6 times table and division​

X and ÷ by 9​

9 times table and division​

X and ÷ by 7​

7 times table and division facts​



Book the land of Roar​

  • Listen to and discuss their class text.​

  • Discuss, explore and clarify the meanings of words ​

  • Discuss words and phrases that capture the reader’s interest and imagination   ​

  • Develop comprehension of a range of text including: poetry, fiction and non –fiction​



  • Pupils will be learning to write in the style of a newspaper report, and will be identifying and using the features of a newspaper report.​

  • Pupils will be learning to write poetry using figurative language.


Key Vocabulary​


Epicenter ​


Pyroclastic flow​

Tectonic plate​

Fault line​


Condensation ​





In other subjects

Geography - volcanoes and earthquakes​

Science - states of matter​

Art - Print, colour and collage​

PSHE - Celebrating differences​

Music - Body and tuned percussion​

RE - why are festivals important to religious communities?​

Computing - The Internet​

Modern Foreign Languages – Greetings and I can…​

PE – Dodgball, Gymnastics, OAA​

This term PE, for Cotrell-Boyce Class, will be on Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor). ​

Butler Class PE will be Tuesday (indoor) and Thursdays (outdoor)​



Reading with your child everyday: this could be comics, sports pages, magazines, it doesn’t have to be just books.​


Ensure children practice their times tables. This could be using Times table Rockstars.​ Please use the link below to log into Times Table Rockstars. Use the website to master your times tables. 


Pupils will be bringing spellings home this term; practicing these with your children it could really benefit your child in improving their spelling.​


Use the discussion point images to create a conversation about the topic.