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Falcons Class - Year 5/6

Hi Falcons Class,


I hope you are all looking after yourselves and that you and your families are all well. 


This term all the staff across the school are going to be setting home learning slightly differently. All the children in each year group will have identical learning, therefore (especially Year 5s) you may notice that the learning is different in style this term compared to last term. Furthermore, rather than GPS, Reading and English tasks every day there will now be one English task each day. However, you will be still be learning everything you need to!


Learning will be sent out to your parents, posted on the class blog on Purple Mash and posted on the School Website on Monday morning for the whole week- it is still very clear what is expected of you each day.


Remember, you can work in your Green Home Learning Books or answers can be uploaded to the class blog on Purple Mash.  The most important thing, is that you are doing something each day. If you are in Year 6, then keeping your mind active and doing a little a day will help wherever you go to Secondary School. If you are in Year 5, then keeping your mind and doing a little a day will help your transition to Year 6. Try to do something every day: everything you do will help you in the future.


I can be contacted by email ( and will be monitoring the class blog regularly. Although, as Mr. Harper said in his letter to your parents, all adults will be in school more this term so this means that replies may not be as prompt as they were previously.


Keep up your incredible learning, Mrs James and myself are blown away by the learning you are producing and you should all feel incredibly proud of what you have achieved.


Best wishes,


Mr. Spurgeon

Useful links 

Here is the link to access reading books via the internet. Your parents will need to register with an e-mail address, but it is free.


This website offers a variety of reading materials (novels, comics, newspapers and non-fiction texts) free of charge. There is not even a need to sign up. If you select a book you like, you can then see the reading age it is recommended for.

Amazon have also made some books free to read via the Kindle app. The Kindle App is free, all you need to do is download it to a mobile device (having discussed this with your parents) and then you can access these free texts.


This website also includes a range of Reading Games.


Audible have made their streaming service for e-books free during the current situation, there are again a wide range of audio books that you will enjoy listening to. This is a brilliant service and I would really recommend it.


Here is a range of links for P.E and other forms of exercise. Some of you may have seen Joe Wicks is running P.E daily from 9:00-9:30 on his Youtube channel.


Here is a collection of links for your Parents (and you) to look at with regard to your learning. These websites used to be paid for but are now free and have lots of different activities.


David Walliams


I know many of you have enjoyed reading the David Walliams books over the course of this academic year.  Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20 minutes of pure fun! You can also access these after 11am using the soundcloud link.


BBC Live Lessons


BBC Live Lessons also offers a range of lessons. Having looked through them, I would recommend you watch the video lesson via the link below. This is all about Marine Life on our planet, it links nicely to our Science Learning all about Charles Darwin.


White Rose Maths


​White Rose Maths are offering a range of free video lessons and resources. Simply click the link, choose the appropriate Year Group and go from there. The videos are really informative and will help you to complete the tasks. You don't need to print off the worksheets, just carry out the work in your green Home Learning Books.


Additional Resources


​I have also posted some additional activities below, they are the PDF Files entitled "Extra Arithmetic", "Extra GPS", "Problems of the Day" and "Extra Reading". These activities can be completed in your home learning books (you do not need to print anything off to complete these tasks) if you require some additional practice or would like some additional practice or opportunities to develop your skills. 

I will be on the lookout for more links and useful activities, as I see them I will e-mail them out to you and post them on there. If you find anything exciting or interesting that you would like your classmates to do, send it to me and I will circulate the best ideas amongst the class!


I have also attached the class timetable we developed on Friday- remember you do not “need” to follow this but do have a look at the recommended timings for each subject!  The only change I have made is suggesting that Times Table Practice becomes Mental Maths- use your Mathletics account to revise any learning from earlier in they year. If you spend 20 minutes a day on Times Table Rockstars you might (just) become as fast as me… 


Documentary Challenge


Over the course of the next week, I would challenge all of you to watch one of these nature documentaries- it can be a single episode on a particular interest of yours. I would then like you to write a paragraph in your Green Books summarising what you have learnt, or you can type it in an e-mail or word document and send it to me. Remember, a summary includes the key, most interesting information- leave out unnecessary information but ensure your writing makes sense, is well punctuated and has correct spellings (you can access a dictionary via any device with an internet connection).


The range of documentary programmes are below (all links are to BBC iplayer, which is free as long as you have a TV Licence at home- check this with your parents first):


If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming service then feel free to watch something via one of those medias.


You also have your Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars and Purple Mash Logins, I have not set any new 2Dos or tasks but feel to log in and spend time on these websites.​ There are also the other links on this page. 


Stay safe,

Mr Spurgeon

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