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We are committed to smooth and timely transitions that allow each child to settle in, get to know their teachers and make new friends. We are thinking of ways we can prepare your child and give them the best possible start to school. This website is an excellent place to start:


To make sure the transition into our Reception is as happy as possible, we operate a short staggered entry. Even if your child is used to completing a whole day at Nursery or Playgroup, an entire day at school can be tiring and be quite daunting. Therefore children will gradually build-up their time in school, so they get to know their teachers and the school. We will give you the actual times and dates soon.


Here are some ways in which we will support you and your children to become familiar and settle into Reception at Aylesham school:

  • Letter home with information packs – please return all forms completed (Once we have received all the completed document your child will receive a book bag with some resources in to support with their preparation for the start of term)

  • Transition information - Transition letter please see below.

  • Video – staff introductions - See here 

  • Video – classroom tour and school tour

  • Video and information on ways to help prepare your child for school

  • Possible Zoom call or phone call