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Kites Class - Year 5/6

Kites Class


Hi Kites Class,


I hope you are all looking after yourselves and that you and your families are all well :) 

Please see below for this weeks learning plan:


Kite Class Learning W/B 30th March




Your spelling words this week are:

  • partial
  • confidential
  • essential
  • substantial
  • torrential
  • sequential
  • potential
  • spatial
  • martial
  • influential

Please make funny sentences or comic strips using these spellings.


Monday: Please spend some time playing this game to further consolidate your understanding of adverbs and verbs 



Wednesday: Go around the house and find 3 nouns in every room. For each noun I would like you to give it 2 of the most impressive, descriptive adjectives you can (making an expanded noun phrase). I would then like you to write a similie or metaphor to describe each noun. Set this out neatly in your Books please.




Tuesday: Please complete the tasks from the Harry Potter reading activity below.

Remember, as well as this specific reading activity try and read something every day! You can also use the links below (to Oxford Owl and Audible) to access new reading materials.




Monday-Wednesday: I would like you to write a diary entry for these 3 days however each day must be from the point of view of someone or something different. Your diary should be at least half a page long and show off as many of your writing techniques as you can.


Monday – your point of view

Tuesday – point of view of a parent

Wednesday – point of view of an object (ie – your laptop/ TV/ bed…)




Every morning: I have now challenged each of you to  a rock slam in TTRS. Can you beat my score of 31??

You should still have plenty of Mathletics and the pack to work through. I AM WATCHING YOUR PROGRESS ;)




 A few of you have emailed me about researching COVID 19. If you would like to research what this virus looks like and is made up off,  I would love to see some 3D models and paper mache creations.  Don’t forget to label it!


Curriculum & Computing


Tuesday: Using the links provided below as a starting point, I would like you to carry out research about the Galapagos Islands. You can include any information you deem appropriate, you can also focus on a particular element that interests you (e.g. the wildlife, their location, their history etc.)


Wednesday: Using either Purple Mash or a more old-fashioned method (paper and pencil/ pen) I would like to produce either a poster, leaflet or report all about the Galapagos Islands (or about the particular element of the Galapagos Islands you researched)- use your research from yesterday. Remember, we are aiming for excellent and beautiful presentation.  Please e-mail any completed work to me!


Below are some useful websites to help keep you on track with your learning whilst social distancing.



Here is the link to access reading books via the internet. You will need to register with an e-mail address, but it is free.


This website also includes a range of Reading Games.


Audible have made their streaming service for e-books free during the current situation, there are again a wide range of audio books that you will enjoy listening to. This is a brilliant service and I would really recommend it.



Alternatively try Pie Corbett's amazing literacy radio blog which will be live from 9:30 every morning at:



Here is a range of links for P.E and other forms of exercise. Some of you may have seen Joe Wicks is running P.E daily from 9:00-9:30 on his youtube channel.



Finally, here is a collection of links for your Parents (and you) to look at with regard to your learning. These websites used to be paid for but are now free and have lots of different activities. - Great for maths teaching and fluency   Great for revision across the curriculum - Wonderful for topics and any key interests.


If you want to use this time to educate yourself on a topic you are desperate to learn about (i.e: Victorians, WW2, space travel)  – this is the perfect opportunity to do so.  Any power points you make please send to me; I would love to learn about  new topics!


Don’t forget your mathletics and TTRS!


Stay safe, stay smiling, stay in contact!

Miss Hobbs​

Reading Task - 31-03-20

Please find below the answers for the work set last week :)

Suggested Home Learning Timetable


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