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Our mission is…


To create a learning community that is prepared for an ever changing future; that believes in the unlimited potential to improve themselves and others in the world around them.’


For us to achieve such a mission, we have thought of four key values that will aid us. They are: Resilience, Teamwork, Creativity and Flying high. To make it easier for us all to understand, we have assigned an animal to each value that represents it the best.

Please click on each value to read an overview

Our main pedagogy is Active Learning. This is a hugely engaging approach, which ensures that all of our children succeed and love to learn. Children work towards an authentic outcome which creates a sense of purpose to their learning. REAL Projects enable all pupils to create extraordinary work that matters.



  • To ensure that all individuals achieve their full potential academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually in relation to prior attainment.

  • To provide pupils with high quality teaching that has clear aims, uses appropriate methods and resources, and is differentiated to meet the needs of a range of pupils.

  • To provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which stimulates their interest in a wide range of cultural, aesthetic, physical and environmental issues.

  • To encourage pupils to be confident, self-motivated, have high standards and a commitment to high achievement.

  • To encourage parents to participate in school life and ensure that they are kept well informed of pupils’ progress.

  • To establish links with the local community which enables pupils to grow up with an understanding of local issues.