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Year 1

Year 1 

Please find attached lessons which will closely match those that will be taking place in your class. Please work through them, if you are feeling well enough, at your own pace. If you need to borrow a suitable device to complete the work, please let us know.  



The lessons below are useful to further develop your knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction.  

Lesson 1: Combining Sets by Counting all 

Lesson 2: Counting on 

Lesson 3: Understanding Commutativity 

Lesson 4: Counting back in ones to subtract 

Lesson 5: Recognising the relationship between addition and Subtraction 



We are developing our ability to listen to stories and respond to them.  These sites might help with this: 

Oi Cat read by Mrs Savage - YouTube 

Miss Stonehouse reads - Stuck - YouTube 

Mrs Green reads - Beegu - YouTube 

Children can listen to these and then talk to an adult about the story, the characters and the setting.  Even better, please share a story with your child for them to talk about. 

We are developing our understanding and use of adjectives.  This lesson is useful with this: 

Writing description using adjectives - Year 1 - P2 - English - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize 



We are in the process of revising long vowel sounds.  These videos will support the children’s knowledge and understanding. 

Lesson 1: ai - Lesson 1 - ai - YouTube 

Lesson 2: ee - Lesson 2 ee - YouTube 

Lesson 3: igh - Lesson 3 igh - YouTube 

Lesson 4: - Lesson 4 oa - YouTube 

Lesson 5: - Lesson 5 oo moon - YouTube 

Lesson 6: - Lesson 6 oo look - YouTube 




We are developing our understanding of animals and living things, Their features and classifications. 

Lesson 1: What is a living thing? 

Lesson 2: What is the difference between an invertebrate and vertebrate? 

Lesson 3: Which animal families are vertebrates? 



Last Term we looked at pulse and rhythm, these lesson will develop understanding about pulse further. 

Lesson 1: Understanding pulse. 

Lesson 2: Creating a pattern 

Lesson 3: Physicalizing pulse in different ways 



This Term we are further developing our ball skills by developing our ability to send and receive objects.  These lessons will help develop these skills. 

Lesson 1: How to improve my accuracy when throwing and catching 

2: How to improve your underarm throw. 




These lessons will be useful to develop emotional regulation. 

Lesson 1: Feeling Good 

Lesson 2: Cool Down Corner 

Lesson 3: Turn things around 



In preparation for Christmas we will be thinking about the Nativity. 

Lesson 1: What is the Christmas Story? 

Lesson 2: How is Christmas Celebrated? 

Lesson 3: Why did the three wise men share gifts with the baby? 



In art this term we are thinking about mixing colours, this session will be useful. 


In addition to these activities please read to your children regularly throughout the week.