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Year 2

Please find attached lessons which will closely match those that will be taking place in your class. Please work through them, if you are feeling well enough, at your own pace. If you need to borrow a suitable device to complete the work, please let us know.  



We are learning about Remembrance this term.  

Here are three key lessons linked to the topic:  



The lessons below are useful to further develop your knowledge and understanding of place value and numbers. There is also a recap on shape and patterns 

Place value 

Lesson 1, To recognise, read and write numbers to 100  

Lesson 2, To explore numbers to 100  

Lesson 3, To explore numbers to 100 (Part two) 

Lesson 4, Recognise 2D shapes  

Lesson 5, Recognise 3D shapes  


As part of our science learning we are exploring the different parts of the human body and how to stay healthy.  


In addition, please ensure your child reads regularly and is continuing to practise their counting in twos, fives and tens. 



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