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Year 3

Term 3

Hardy Class - 5 Day Home Learning Plan: 

Hello Year 3. If you are reading this then that means that we have had to return to Home Learning or you are needing to work from home. Please use the activities below to support you with your learning. We hope you will find them useful and interesting. Remember, you could write down any questions that you have and ask them when you return to the classroom. 


Maths revision – focus on developing skills of addition and subtraction: 

Attached below are the links to 5 different maths lessons. The focus is on addition and subtraction to further develop your confidence and skill in this area. We would recommend you try a lesson a day and work through the lessons in the order they are below: 

Reading for Pleasure (3 lessons) 

Reading is so important. Please continue to read whilst you are at home. You could read your favourite book, magazine or a cooking recipe! All of this will help to develop your understanding of the world! Remember to think about your VIPERS skills as well! 


Persuasive Writing and sentence structure (3 lessons) 

Below are 3 lessons based on the persuasive writing that the children are working on this term. Please try a lesson a day – this will help you to understand the structure of a persuasive text. 


English – Focus on sentence structure: 

The link below has 5 lessons that have revision along with some new learning about the English language. Please use a lesson a day to support you with your writing. 


Science – What are forces? 

The link below will take you to a lesson that introduces forces. 


History – How did humans collect their food many years ago? 

This lesson will explain and introduce the changes in how humans approached farming many years ago. 


Geography – The Geography of England? 

The lesson below will introduce you to some of the different features and places found in England. 


Please find attached lessons which will closely match those that will be taking place in your class. Please work through them, if you are feeling well enough, at your own pace. If you need to borrow a suitable device to complete the work, please let us know.  




We are learning about the Stone Age this term.  

Lesson 1, how do we know about prehistoric Britain? 

Lesson 2, what animals lived in prehistoric times? 



The lessons below are useful to further develop your knowledge and understanding of place value and numbers. There is also a recap on addition and subtraction. 

Place value 

Lesson 1, reading, writing 3 digit numbers. 

Lesson 2, partitioning numbers in different ways 

Lesson 3, ordering and comparing 3 digit numbers 

Lesson 4, addition and subtraction 

Lesson 5, addition 



Lesson 1, sentence level - verbs 

Lesson 2, word classification 

Lesson 3 expanded nouns 

Lesson 4, conjunctions 



Lesson 1 suffixes and prefixes 



Lesson 1, reading for pleasure 

Lesson 2, reading for pleasure 




As part of our science learning we are exploring rocks and their formation. The lessons below will give an excellent introduction to the 3 types of rock and how they were made: 


In addition, please ensure your child reads regularly and is continuing to learn their times tables through lots of practice on Times Tables Rockstars or through writing them out to help the times table stick in their memory.