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School Meals

The cost of a school meal is £2.25 per day, £11.25 per week



  • To apply for Free School Meals or to check whether you are eligible to apply, please use the following link
  • Applications are processed by the Awards Team and (if approved) take effect FROM THE DATE that the application is RECEIVED by KCC. It cannot be backdated.
  • Any meals taken prior to the commencement of the approved Free School Meal Application MUST be paid for. Please ensure that any outstanding debt is cleared as soon as possible.




  • We operate a 'No Dosh, No Nosh' Policy. This means that if you wish your child to receive a school meal every day or on some days, you MUST book and pay for them on-line via the Principals Catering website


  • The school will not authorise the kitchen to provide a meal to pupils whose parents have not made a payment or are in debt. Failure to pay for meals will result in parents receiving a phone call from the school or catering contractor advising that a school meal cannot be provided unless an online payment is received. Parents will be informed that they will need to either complete an online payment or bring a packed lunch to school immediately. 



Payment can be made by:


  • DEBIT/CREDIT CARD - On-line by visiting Principal Catering's website - Parents will need to register their child before being able to use this facility.


With effect from 1st September 2018, the school office no longer accepts cash to pay for school meals. Please register with Principal Catering on their website and make all payments directly with them online.