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Please see the document below for our full Science Curriculum at Aylesham Primary School, if you have any further questions please contact Mr. Spurgeon. 


Science at Aylesham Primary School is practical, engaging and enquiry-based. Teachers in all year groups follow National Curriculum content and the Kent Scheme for Science. Aylesham Primary School encourages pupils to view themselves as scientists and aims to broaden the horizons of pupils through developing a deep understanding of and passion for Science. Pupils are encouraged understand how Science has changed lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity. In each topic, pupils simultaneously develop their scientific knowledge (for example what a solid is, what electrical conductors are and what the different parts of a plant are) and scientific skills (for example presenting data in an appropriate manner, reading a thermometer or controlling variables to conduct a fair test).  


Pupils build upon prior learning and develop a bank of key foundational knowledge over their time at Aylesham Primary School. All learning begins by reviewing prior and existing knowledge, through formative assessment provided by unit specific quizzing. The same quiz is carried out at the end of each unit to establish the knowledge retained by each pupil. Pupils are discretely taught key scientific vocabulary, these ideas, words and concepts are defined so as to allow pupils to fully access the learning within each unit. Children also learn about famous scientists during their learning at Aylesham Primary School, this is often a cross-curricula focus with children using their reading and writing skills to produce a biography or study of an influential scientist in each academic year.  


We embed our school values into all of our Science learning. Pupils’ teamwork skills are enhanced through regularly working collaboratively in groups during experiments and investigations. As in every subject, pupils are encouraged to fly high in all of the learning they produce, the skills they demonstrate and the knowledge they garner. Pupils are creative when designing enquiries to questions and given opportunities to creatively demonstrate their skills and knowledge in expertly designed and delivered lessons.  Pupils are resilient when thinking of solutions to complex problems or attempting multiple methods of answering a question, they are made aware of the journeys of seminal scientists and understand that resilience is required in every investigation. 


The Science Curriculum at Aylesham Primary School has been designed to cover all of the skills, knowledge and understanding set out in the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum states that science should ‘provide the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics’.  To ensure that pupils develop a secure knowledge that they can build on, we have a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum which has been carefully designed and developed with the need of every child at the centre of what we do.  We follow the units and topics specified in the National Curriculum, which divides learning into the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.  

Topics are all mapped out to ensure that pupils build on secure prior knowledge. When covering each of these units, the content will be carefully organised for each cohort through a yearly plan, which is closely monitored by the subject leader. Content knowledge, substantive concepts, key questions, possible misconceptions and progressive vocabulary will then be planned for using the Kent Scheme for Science as a basis for high quality Science teaching and learning. Science is delivered through subject specific teaching, the aim of this is to allow for clear progression from EYFS through to Year Six. Teachers endeavour to ensure that the Aylesham Primary School Scientific Skills Tracker is utilised to ensure that pupils are taught the appropriate scientific skills as well as the appropriate scientific knowledge in each Year group. 

In order to develop their understanding of the varied roles undertaken by Scientists, pupils study the career and life of an influential Scientists in every year group, these scientists have been carefully selected to link to a national curriculum topic and also to demonstrate the diversity of influential scientific figures. Science Week is an integral part of Science at Aylesham Primary School; pupils have an opportunity to explicitally develop their Scientific skills, with a different focus being selected every academic year (previous foci included Kitchen Chemistry, “Eggstravaganza” and Sweets, Sweets and More Sweets). Typically, all pupils across the school will carry out the same investigations, with teachers pitching these lesson differently to allow for pertinent skill development. Pupils are also given the engage in a Science-filled week, with a real buzz created around the subject throughout the school. 


The impact of this curriculum design is to ensure that all pupils will be able to acquire the appropriate age related knowledge and skills linked to the Science curriculum. As they progress through the school, Science lessons will equip the children to progress from their starting points and within their everyday lives. Through various workshops, trips, science week initiatives as well as interactions with Science experts, our curriculum will lead pupils to be enthusiastic science learners. Children will leave the school with a deep understanding of and a passionate enthusiasm for Science; they will be expert Scientists with an awareness of the importance of Science in their daily lives.