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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr JonesSenior Leadership TeamExecutive Interim Headteacher 
Mrs Holtby-SmithSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Headteacher and SENCo 
Mr ComberSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Headteacher 
Mr GravesSenior Leadership TeamSchool Business Manager 
Mrs N SavageSenior Leadership TeamFamily and Child Lead 
Mr BallMiddle Leadership TeamTeacher/Maths Lead 
Mrs ArnoldMiddle Leadership TeamLeader of Learning and Curriculum  
Collins ClassMr LuckClass Teacher 
 Mrs M SavageTeaching Assistant 
 Miss JemmettTeaching Assistant 
 Mrs Oakes Teaching Assistant  
Bright ClassMiss FinchClass Teacher 
 Miss HorleyTeaching Assistant 
 YEAR 1  
Dolan ClassMrs WalkerClass Teacher 
 Miss BeechingTeaching Assistant 
 Miss CudworthTeaching Assistant  
Biddulph ClassMiss HarrisClass Teacher 
 Miss Connor Teaching Assistant  
 Miss FinchTeaching Assistant  
 Miss SeawardTeaching Assistant  
 YEAR 2  
Gravett ClassMrs Page / Miss PeacockClass Teacher 
 Mrs Douglas Teaching Assistant  
 Miss HandTeaching Assistant 
 Miss MaddisonTeaching Assistant 
Carr ClassMs Enver  Class Teacher 
 Mrs LanawayTeaching Assistant 
 Mrs HodgkinsonTeaching Assistant 
 Ms Nicholls Teaching Assistant  
 YEAR 3  
Bell ClassMr ChantlerClass Teacher 
 Miss HawkinsTeaching Assistant 
 Mr BaxTeaching Assistant  
 Ms LazarTeaching Assistant 
 Miss Jemmett   
Reeve ClassMiss Laverick Class Teacher 
 Mr WaschbuschTeaching Assistant 
 Mrs SmithTeaching Assistant  
 YEAR 4  
Butler ClassMrs ParryClass Teacher 
 Mrs LoganTeaching Assistant 
 Miss Prior  
Cottrell-Boyce ClassMr Comber / Miss SilvertonClass Teacher 
 Mr LightfootTeaching Assistant  
 Mr BaxTeaching Assistant 
Paver ClassMr BeardClass Teacher 
 Miss RandallTeaching Assistant 
 Mr MillerTeaching Assistant 
Farook ClassMr HarrisClass Teacher 
 Mrs HyndmanTeaching Assistant 
 Mr MillerTeaching Assistant 
 YEAR 6  
Edge ClassMr Ball / Mrs PirtClass Teacher 
 Mrs KennettTeaching Assistant 
 Mr FrostTeaching Assistant 
 Mrs BarkerTeaching Assistant  
Butterworth ClassMrs HeadleyClass Teacher 
 Miss WickendenTeaching Assistant 
 Mr MaygerTeaching Assistant 
Miss AspeyBehaviour and Wellbeing Mentor   
Mrs WatsonTeaching Assistant across school  
Miss MurphyDeputy Safeguard Lead  
Mr KSite Manager  
Mrs GoldenAdmissions and Attendance Officer  
Mrs BridgeBusiness Support Administrator  
Miss PotterSEN Administration Assistant  
Mrs MatthewsBreakfast Club Assistant/Midday Meal Supervisor  
Mrs PageAssistant SENCo  
Miss Marsh Cover Teacher