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Curriculum Overview

Here at Aylesham Primary School we have an adventurous and imaginative approach to learning. Each ‘Learning Experience’ has a defined rationale, with a hook and an ‘Authentic Outcome’ providing the pupils with a real purpose to their learning.   Each learning experience will incorporate the foundation subjects with English running through each and every theme.


Our main pedagogy is Active Learning. This is a hugely engaging approach, which ensures that all of our children succeed and love to learn. Children work towards an authentic outcome which creates a sense of purpose to their learning. REAL Projects enable all students to create extraordinary work that matters.  Regular visits and trips will happen throughout the year to help make the learning relevant for the children and engage them in their learning further.


Our Mission and Core Values


Our mission is…


‘To create a learning community that is prepared for an ever changing future; that believes in the unlimited potential to improve themselves and others in the world around them.’


For us to achieve such a mission, we have thought of four key values that will aid us and support pupils with their learning. They are: Resilience, Teamwork, Creativity and Flying high.  We have assigned an animal that represents each value.


Core Values…

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is our school with the bricks and mortar being our Core Values.  We pride ourselves on providing a broad and rich curriculum teaching skills through a variety of experiences that help children to be the best they can be and achieve lifelong learning.


Broad and Rich

Skills and Experiences


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly on 01304 840392 or and the office team can direct your enquiry appropriately.