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Curriculum Overview

Here at Aylesham Primary School, it is our intention that all children leave our school with a well rounded education to prepare them for life, underpinned with a strong sense of morality and aspirational goals, to create new futures. In order to achieve this, our school values of; resilience, teamwork, creativity and flying high underpin classroom practice and are a part of our school culture and climate for learning. 

Teachers follow a progressive and sequential curriculum so that each child is able to build 
on prior knowledge and make links to the world around them. Pupils are reminded of 
previous learning as they move through the school due to the retrieval opportunities built 
into our curriculum which help to embed learning into the long-term memory. 


Our Mission and Core Values


Our mission is…


‘To be a learning community prepared for an ever-changing future; believing in the unlimited potential to improve ourselves and those around us.’


For us to achieve such a mission, we have thought of four key values that will aid us and support pupils with their learning. They are: Resilience, Teamwork, Creativity and Flying high.  We have assigned an animal that represents each value.


Core Values…





Honey Bee



Our Curriculum

We pride ourselves on providing a broad and rich curriculum, teaching skills through a variety of experiences to help children be the best they can be and achieve lifelong learning.


Our curriculum starts with the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum and we create learning opportunities by teaching through thematic topics.  Our curriculum is designed to enable all pupils to experience a wide breadth of study and have, by the end of each key stage, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.  You can find out more about the National Curriculum HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly on 01304 840392 or and the office team can direct your enquiry appropriately.